Welcome To Mairev

We shape stones according to our clients’ specifications, while adhering to professional ethics and the regulations of the trade.

Every available variety of stone

It is certain that STONE, MARBLE, GRANITE, SLATE as provided for us by nature were the first materials for decoration used by mankind

Whether Spanish Red, Grecian white,   Brazilian Blue, Indian Shivakashi , Languedoc Red, Zimbabwean Black, Tiflet Grey or from all over the world with a formation dating from 130 million to 400 millions of years, they remain relevant and are still used in modern projects.

Working with natural stone

Situated in the east of Morocco which is traditionally known for its quarries, we store and work with all types of marble, stone and granite, which we install for.

Our teams are always committed to maintaining the quality of the work we deliver and provide. We support our clients from the conception of their projects and ensure they are provided with the specifically required materials

Always at your service

Renowned in the area of marble, granite and natural stone, our company has succeeded in attracting a diverse range of clients including architects, decorators, general businesses and private individuals due to the importance and the quality of the projects we have undertaken.
  • We are involved in all stages of the manufacturing process required to transform the raw material to the finished product
  • MAIREV possesses a highly motivated team committed to the satisfaction of each client.
  • An attentive customer services team handles all enquiries and a dedicated team member monitors each phase of the project.
  • Working in unison, engineers, marble specialists and installation experts carry out projects combining professional expertise with the very best technology.
  • MAIREV endeavours to provide service of excellent quality within specified timeframes.